Your specialist for extrusion of cereals and protein-rich raw materials

Our extensive knowledge of the extrusion of cereals and high protein raw materials such as wheat and dairy isolates has made us an international technology leader and innovator in the field of food extrusion. Extrusion is our speciality and has always been at the centre of our product and service portfolio.

With our advanced manufacturing, our process technology and our products of consistently high quality, we are there for the food industry, the pet food manufacturers and their suppliers.

We extrude agricultural raw materials into innovative products that vary in composition, shape, taste and texture. We see ourselves as a technology-driven trailblazer for our customers – from the initial requirement to trend-specific or customer-specific development, from small to large-volume contract manufacturing in certified quality.

Extruded Cereal Products B. V. develops and produces innovative extruded cereals and proteins for food applications.

Our products

We develop and produce functional food products by using advanced extrusion technology. We also offer our own product portfolio based on different raw materials such as wheat, corn, rice, quinoa, milk or whey.

These innovative products and product groups are available from Extruded Cereal Products:


Our crisps provide an excellent taste experience in the chocolate industry, in breakfast cereals, yoghurt toppings, muesli bars and in many other applications and support the targeted nutritional profile.

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IsoCrisp® products have a high protein content. Consumer and market trends confirm an increased interest in convenience products with enhanced protein content and nutritional value.

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Crumbs are used as breading for fish, meat, snacks and baked goods, so as to create indulgence and a crunchy bite. Crumbs are also suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications.

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Production at Extruded Cereal Products B. V.

Food extrusion is a complex thermo-mechanical process in which pressure and temperature are applied to force a product through a predefined opening and at the end it retains the shape obtained there. This process opens up a number of options for shaping the final product.

Form, taste, nutritional composition, colour, bulk density and bite are the variables we can influence. We use the latest technologies and take into account the latest findings on process development for specific solutions. Our production knowledge and application experience flow into the personal and individual consultation of our customers.

Our production capacities make us both a contract manufacturer and a partner for capacity balancing.
We are flexible in the processing of customer raw materials. Needless to say, we adhere to the defined production-technical specifications and quality standards in the processing of the agricultural raw materials provided by the customer. This is also in accordance with kosher, halal or allergen-compliant standards.

In addition to fulfilling the desired product quality, our claim is unconditional compliance with guaranteed production and delivery times.

The products are delivered in big bags or sacks, depending on the customer’s wishes.